Mistakes Made in the Weight Loss Process

Today, the ‘weight loss problem’ has become one of the increasingly common problems. One of the biggest mistakes made in the weight loss process is to turn to foods sold under the name of healthy and sugar-free. Reading food labels plays an important role in avoiding this misconception. Eating little and eating often is the first thought that comes to our mind when we say diet for years. But this is no longer accepted as true. Being weighed every day is one of the biggest mistakes made in dieting. Neglecting to drink water and expecting miracles from detox waters are among these mistakes.

1- Consume high portions of sweets that do not contain refined sugar.

Posts such as ‘fit dessert’ and ‘sugar-free alternatives’ on social media can cause us to fall into this perception. Unfortunately, having honey, molasses, agave syrup or dates instead of refined sugar in a dessert does not make it lower in calories. It just makes it healthier because it doesn’t contain refined sugar. Since it does not contain refined sugar in the weight loss process, consuming a food and eating it in large portions may prevent you from losing weight.

2- Consuming diet products

Most diets we see on the market shelves, the product sold under the name sugar-free, contain quite a lot of additives. When you look at the ingredients of sugar-free products, you can see that they have ingredients such as apple juice concentrate, corn syrup, glucose syrup. Therefore, before buying a product, it is very important to read the label, especially if you are in the process of losing weight.

3- Having frequent snacks

Eating less and eating more is one of the diet myths. But when you have a meal every 2 hours, your blood sugar fluctuates very often. Insulin is released when blood sugar rises. Since insulin is an inflammatory hormone, it accelerates fat production. Therefore, leaving at least 4 hours between meals is of great importance in terms of healthy eating and weight loss.

4- Neglecting water consumption

Water is essential for the proper functioning of most metabolisms in the body. It also has a very important role in fat burning metabolism. Especially in winter, water consumption decreases. Therefore, water consumption should be paid attention especially in the winter season.

5-Weigh yourself every day

One of the biggest mistakes made during the weight loss process is to weigh yourself every day. Edema in the body can vary from day to day, even from hour to hour, depending on stress, weather, the previous meal, and activity. This is reflected in the scale. That’s why it’s wrong to be weighed every day. Excess weight caused by edema can reduce motivation and affect the weight loss process. That’s why weighing once a week is ideal.

6-Trying to lose weight with detox drinks

Our bodies have their own detoxification metabolisms. Organs such as liver and kidney play a very important role in detoxification. If these organs are working properly, your body is already working continuously to remove harmful wastes. Of course, we can help this metabolism from time to time with detox waters with plenty of vegetables. But it is wrong to expect to lose weight in this direction. Of course, it is important to get rid of edema during the weight loss process, but fat loss is one of the most important parameters for weight loss.

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