Mistakes Made in Diet

We all make the decision to diet at some point in our lives. While some of us aim to lose weight, some of us take action to gain weight. Some of us are trying to take steps for healthy eating in order not to risk their health. However, in this process, mistakes are made in diets made in line with the sounds around, without expert follow-up. If your face and arms are thinning during the diet and your waist-hip measurement does not change, you are on the wrong diet. Let’s take a look at the biggest mistakes made;

  1. To be hungry

In people who aim to lose weight by being hungry, imbalances in hormone secretion begin to occur. These imbalances in hunger and satiety hormones lead to a person’s appetite in the future. With the increased appetite, the person is trying to gain weight again, and worst of all, to cope with the deteriorated metabolism.

  1. cutting the bread

Everyone who diets for weight loss or chooses a healthy life first decides to cut bread. However, bread is not your scapegoat in your weight gain journey! Every extra bite you take is stored in your body as fat. It is very important for everyone who does not have health problems to consume bread during the day.

  1. skip a meal

Due to the intense working conditions, skipped meals push the person to eat more at the next meal. It would be a much better choice to proceed without skipping meals as much as possible, and in case of skipping meals, it would be a much better choice to turn to snack alternatives.

  1. one-way feeding

You’ve heard of foods that have amazing weight loss effects. Some foods are called miraculous due to the influence of the food industry. However, every food has its equivalent and there are micro and macro nutrients that we need to get from every food. The more seasonal foods we include in our meals, the more successful we will be in our healthy life adventure.

  1. using a laxative

Herbal teas, beverages and pills, which are preferred to increase stomach and intestinal motility, make the person addicted. Intestinal motility is completely dependent on these foods. It disrupts the long-term hair and nail structure. It should not be used in any way unless recommended by a specialist.

  1. Implementing popular diets unconsciously

Every day a new diet trend began to appear. While some of them serve the right purpose, some of them are in a way that threatens health without providing continuity. Even if there are popular diets, even if they contain pill information, a blood test must be done beforehand, and it is necessary to reach the goal under the supervision of a dietitian.

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