Miraculous protection shield: propolis

Propolis is a product that bees transform/prepare by collecting plant buds or secretions.

The surrounding of the hive and even the passages leading to the hive are covered with propolis. In this way, they prevent the entry of possible bacteria, fungi, insects and other animals that want to enter the hive. They have also used propolis, which has a very old history, as a preservative in embalming techniques. Propolis, which has been used in diseases for thousands of years, has become a matter of curiosity, especially in the last 10 years; research has begun.

Propolis: It is used in cases such as colds, upper respiratory tract infections, wounds, burns, herpes, acne and some skin problems. As you can see propolis in capsules, syrups, sprays, throat lozenges, lotions and some creams, it is also mixed with drops/honey as a supplement. You can also consume it in forms.

Propolis has a unique smell. Although it is usually dark brown, its color may differ according to the sources from which it is obtained. It can also be yellow, green, red, transparent colors. Propolis, which is resistant to 120 degrees, can be found in different phases at varying temperatures.

Its content is quite rich and may vary depending on factors such as vegetation, geographical region and climatic conditions. Although these variables do not greatly affect the basic composition ratios, the biological effects of propolis may vary according to different plant varieties in different regions and the types and densities of the plants collected by bees.

Propolis properties:

It is a strong antibacterial. It has antifungal (against fungi), antiviral (against viruses) and anti-inflammatory (against inflammatory conditions) properties. It has protective effects against cancer. Regulates the immune system. It has a protective effect on the liver and heart. It has antiallergic effects.

Studies have suggested that propolis can be recommended as an adjunct to treatment in patients with ARTHRIT, as it supports the repair of cartilage and chondrocytes.

So how should I use it?

It can be started by taking 1 teaspoon of propolis in the form of a mixture with honey or 20 drops a day for adults and 10 drops for children in drop forms. The water-soluble one can be used in water, milk, juice, tea, coffee, etc. You can consume it by dripping into your drinks. Water-insoluble propolis can also be used in honey, yogurt, bread, molasses, etc. You can consume it by dripping into food.

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