Mini tummy tuck surgery

Mini tummy tuck surgery is a smaller and limited operation compared to classical tummy tuck surgery. A mini tummy tuck is performed with a smaller incision on the groin. This surgery is suitable for patients who have sagging skin in the lower part of the belly button and have excesses accumulated above the cesarean section mark.

The operation is performed between the navel and the upper groin area. The navel is not touched, after the abdominal region is stretched and stitched, the navel appears to be pulled down a little.

Mini tummy tuck surgery takes 1-2 hours under local or general anesthesia, depending on the intervention.

In this surgery, there is only a short scar that passes through the groin. Mini tummy tuck surgery can be combined with different operations, especially liposuction.

Recovery After Abdominoplasty;

After tummy tuck surgery, collection of blood under the skin (hematoma), infection, wound site problems are rare but possible complications. The measures to be taken against these negative possibilities can be listed as follows;

* A resistor is placed on the operated area,

* Antibiotic treatment is applied,

* Massage applications with appropriate dressings and supportive drugs (gels that correct the scar) for the wound area.

After the operation, a special corset comes out of the operating room and this corset is used for 3 weeks. Generally, 1-2 days in the hospital is sufficient. Tension and tenderness are felt for 1-2 days after the surgery. At the end of the 3rd day, the feeling of tension decreases. After 5-6 days, you can return to your social and business life, and after 6-8 weeks, you can do all kinds of sports activities. The traces continue to decrease over time and become pale.

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