Mindful Eating

Most of us ate a few hours ago. Most of us probably don’t even remember what we ate, rather than the feeling of eating. We are not really aware of “what we eat, what we eat and how we eat”, as we are constantly eating with a device. This mindless and unconscious eating state causes eating disorders, emotional eating and other health problems associated with obesity.

What is Mindful Nutrition?

To feel the look, smell and taste of the food we eat, to focus on the moment and to be fed by being aware of what you really eat.

How Can We Eat Mindfully?

  1. Make a shopping list: Stick to your list by considering the health value of each item you add to your list to avoid instant purchases while shopping.

  2. Don’t sit at the table when you’re too hungry: When you’re very hungry by skipping meals, you may be too eager to start eating right away, causing you to attack the food to quell your hunger as soon as your priority is to enjoy the meal.

  3. Starting with a small portion: Try to choose the size of your plate as small as possible.

  4. Focusing on food with all senses: Pay attention to the color, texture, aroma, and even the sounds different foods make while preparing, serving and eating food. Try to identify all the ingredients, especially the spices, as you chew the food.

  5. Taking small bites: It’s easier to taste food when your mouth isn’t full.

  6. Chew thoroughly: Chew the food thoroughly until you can taste the essence. (Depending on the food, it may be necessary to chew each bite 20 to 40 times.)

  7. Eating slowly: If you follow the advice above, you won’t finish your meal right away. Take at least five minutes to eat mindfully before you start eating.

We can eat mindfully to ensure permanent weight control, prevent eating attacks and reduce emotional eating.

(Harvard Health Publishing, 2016)

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