Migration and Human Psychology

Why do people leave their country at the cost of their lives? Why do they migrate despite the possibility of suffocating in their truck containers or drowning in the open sea? We want to raise some awareness about human psychology experiencing migration.

Migration, as a historical phenomenon, has accelerated with globalization movements from east to west and from west to east for centuries.

caused by war, social reasons and disasters.


-Escape from war and death,

– Wanting to study in countries with better education,

-Because of the political structure of the country, well-educated people want to go, wanting to live their ideas, so that educated people can have better opportunities,

– We can list the reasons such as being under pressure due to involuntary war, health, politics, economic situation or religious belief.

Our country has faced such situations recently. Whatever the reasons, it should not destroy the nations that have migrated and become refugees, whose psychology is broken, who have no economic situation, and who have faced culture shock, without showing hostile attitudes sociologically, without isolating them, without exclusion, without persecuting them, by thinking about the burdens they carry.

In this way, we will prevent social fights, murders and similar problems. Especially considering the psychology of the children of these families, they should cooperate in accordance with universal, moral and conscientious values, and should be supported in terms of adaptation to society. Otherwise, since provoking people who had to leave their homeland will lead them to crime, it will create a threat in the society, causing an insecure environment and causing us to experience security concerns in our own lives.


– Discrimination and second-class treatment should be ended and their integration should be ensured,

– Job opportunities should be offered, children’s education problems should be resolved,

– Opportunity to benefit from social rights should be given, should be directed to language courses and seminars,

-Psychological and sociological support should be given, awareness should be created so that they do not experience culture shock and adapt to the culture,

We know that there are many of our citizens who cannot benefit from social rights in their own country. However, the exclusion of refugees, fights and separations cause them to become ghettos (ghetto: people from the same or similar roots weave a cocoon against the external environment they see as dangerous and try to solve their problems in their own way and tolerate losses).

– Particularly, women should be provided with psychological support and to attend courses and seminars, which are social activities, so that they do not become lonely.

If the society is a society where peace and love, peace and happiness, rights and law are present, it will take firm steps towards progress, growth and reaching its goal.

– Polarizations such as fights, anger and resentment divide the society and cause us to become a targetless, shrinking, shrunken, unhappy and problematic society.

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