~~ Migraine surgery and botox are 85% effective in reducing migraine attacks

Migraine surgery can be defined as cutting certain muscles at the trigger points on our face, releasing and relaxing the facial nerves in migraine-type pain that causes severe headaches.

Initially, after aesthetic forehead lift/lift surgery, a reduction in the symptoms of migraine patients was observed; Later, a surgical technique targeting the muscles and nerves was developed in order to reduce the pain produced from 4 points that trigger pain, which can be briefly called a deactivation, that is, a pacifying surgical approach. This passivation of the muscles can also be done with botox. The contraction of the muscles around the temple plays an important role in migraine attacks that start from the temporal, that is, the temples. These trigger points can be determined by using botox before surgery or by looking at the structure of some specific pain symptoms.

In the treatment of migraine starting from the temples, surgery has provided 85% success. Complete cure and recovery of temporal migraine in 55% of patients; 68% reduction in migraine attacks, 41% reduction in headache duration and 66% reduction in pain intensity were recorded.

The study reports symptoms such as being disturbed by noise and light, difficulty concentrating, drooping eyelids, and blurred vision at the onset of migraine migraine headaches.

Headaches caused by high noise, bright light, fatigue, airplane travel, stress, weather change and some odors, which are among the migraine triggers, can also be cured with surgery.

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