Adipose tissue, the value of which has been well understood in aesthetic surgery in recent years, and the most researched
and it is one of the tissues used in almost every procedure. Most of the research that has been done
When we take cells from one part of the body and give them to another area, it is to increase their viability.

In classical fat injection, one year after the adipose tissue taken is given to the needed areas.
It is known that approximately 30% remained after To increase the probability of persistence of these cells and to
In order to reduce the possibility of fluctuation in transfer, even to areas with very thin skin, such as the lid.
developed special apparatus has made our work much easier now. In other words, the most exclusive and useful filler.
Our body produces itself. Our duty is; to increase the yield of this very special tissue,
after processing (in order to reduce it to nano size, it is made of filters that are further thinned, respectively)
pass) to use. Because this tissue is the main source of the stem cell, the area where it is applied
It also rejuvenates the skin on it.

Nano fat injection can be performed on the face and many parts of the body (breast, butt, legs, etc.).
Very thin, special cannulas have been developed for all these regions. If this procedure is to be done only on the face area
It is sufficient to anesthetize the relevant area with local anesthesia. Application in other regions or multi-site
If it is to be done, it may be necessary to use sedation or general anesthesia. Often liposuction
Fats taken from patients who will undergo regional thinning are used for necessary places. For
The request of most of our patients is that the adipose tissue they want to get rid of is not wasted.
In short, isn’t it quite logical to take it from the unwanted place and give it to the desired areas?

While nano fat injection adds volume to very thin skin areas such as eyelids and lips; risk
factor and prolongs the permanence of these cells in places where volume is added. Skin
In its use to renew, the micro fat cells taken are the facial tissue needed just as in PRP.
1 cm to the region. intermittently injected. Facial skin is rejuvenated and this is thanks to your own tissue
It is possible.

In short, ladies, the solution will be from your own body.

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