Metropolitan school readiness test information

Metropolitan School Readiness Test Application and Reporting

Place: Reference Psychology

Test Duration: 30 Minutes

Purpose of the Test: Starting school requires mental, physical, emotional and social preparation. Children who reach the age of starting primary school start school regardless of school maturity. In this case, children who are not ready for school may experience difficulties in the future. It requires physical, cognitive, language development, psychological and emotional readiness for school maturity in children.

The Metropolitan School Readiness Test is a test that measures children’s school readiness and includes;

1) Word Comprehension

2) Sentences

3) General Information

4) Pairing

5) Numbers

6) It consists of 6 tests and 100 items in total, including copying.

The Metropolitan School Readiness Test is applied by Esin Akpınar, a Clinical Psychologist who is an expert in Reference Psychology, and a report is prepared within 1 day.

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