Methods used in the treatment of gummy smile

The so-called gummy smile is associated with the fact that the gums are normally visible in excess when the person smiles and impairs smile aesthetics. Although there is no harm to health, from an aesthetic point of view, if this situation prevents the person from laughing, hurts their self-confidence and causes them to feel unhappy, it will be very useful to correct the gummy smile.

Various methods are used in the treatment of gummy smile. Which of these methods will be preferred, as a result of your dentist’s oral examination and x-ray examination, firstly the factor causing the gummy smile is determined, the treatment options for it are explained to the patient and a decision is made. For example, if the gums cover the teeth too much, the gums can be treated surgically or by laser editing, if the cause of the gummy smile, or if the cause of the gummy smile is due to the patient’s facial muscles pulling too much while smiling, it can be treated with botox. In some cases, both treatment options can be applied in combination. To summarize, we can list the treatment methods for gummy smile as follows:

1) Laser gingivectomy: It is an option that can be preferred if the gums cover most of the teeth that should be visible, if the tooth length is short and the gums are too visible when smiling. It is applied under local anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain or pain during the application. Compared to the surgical method, laser applications are a method that can be easily preferred in terms of the fact that the bleeding occurs in a very small amount and stops in a short time, and the wound healing takes place quickly. After the application, the patient can continue his normal life. Acidic, sour, very hot and cold foods and drinks are recommended to be avoided for a few days, as they may sting at the wound site. In some cases, after a while, the gums can cover the teeth again. If your doctor foresees such a situation, he can make recommendations to ensure permanence by applying aesthetic bonding or porcelain lamina to the teeth applied after the Giza laser operation.

2) Surgical gingivoplasty: It is a method that involves opening the gums by making an incision with the classical method, and in some cases removing the bone around the teeth. Wound healing takes longer than the laser method. Post-operative pain is more.

3) Botox: If the facial muscles pull the lips up too much during laughing and this causes a gummy smile, Botox is applied to the muscles that cause this, and the lip is prevented from rising to some extent. In some cases, its application in combination with laser or surgical method gives more effective results.

4)Lip repositioning (lip repositioning): It is a method in which the gummy smile is corrected by making the position of the upper lip lower by a surgical procedure performed through the mouth. It is an advanced surgical method. During the rest and recovery period after the operation, some restrictions may occur in eating and drinking.

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