Methods to Cope with Tension in Corona Days

There are areas in our lives that we cannot and will personally control. We cannot individually control the epidemic rate of the corona virus. We cannot control the negative, unfounded news shared in the media. Sharing them, talking about them, getting lost in them is one of our obstacles. The panic atmosphere may grow, and we may be exposed to greater fluctuations in it. Our friend, family member, someone who panics more than us can trigger us. Today, the digital world is both poison and antidote. Here is our biggest resource; To see, understand and act on our thoughts, feelings, bodily reactions, whether we can control them or not. The better we can individually manage our own well-being, the more beneficial we can be to our family, environment and society. After the epidemic is brought under control and we return to our normal lives, none of us know exactly what kind of transformation awaits us internally and externally, we will see it by living together. It is certain that everything will not be reset all at once, of course, some traces and effects will remain. In fact, the effects that will remain will not be limited to us only, but will probably continue in the deep layers that will be passed on to future generations.

These days, I can make the following suggestions to deal with stress and anxiety; we need to have a good sleep, a good diet, need for enough water, stay away from unhealthy habits and pay attention to other precautions that experts recommend to us. We can take advantage of different ways to let them out in a healthy way without ignoring them emotionally. Let’s write about our feelings for 10 minutes or 2 pages every day as we feel like. Keeping a diary, jotting down feelings and thoughts creates a therapeutic effect. It should not be forgotten that there is a neurological connection between our hands and our brains. Expressing with art and music can also be a method. In short, let’s let them flow somehow.

Let’s plan a few activities every day that we think will do us good. Reading books, walking outdoors if possible, meditation, short naps, singing, drawing, jigsaw puzzles, mandalas, taking a shower, taking online training on topics that interest us. Let’s add such activities to our lives, albeit briefly. Social distancing has entered our lives, and if it lasts for a long time, it will not be good for us. In this respect, it will be important for our spiritual vitality to make phone calls, communicate and talk about positive things with the people we love.

The criterion that we should always consider is to what extent our daily life quality and functionality are affected or not. If you are experiencing intense reluctance and lack of energy in life, then it would be helpful to take these symptoms seriously and seek professional help.

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