Methods of obtaining live sperm from men

Methods of obtaining live sperm from men

The easiest method of obtaining sperm from a man is to take the semen by masturbation. In cases such as the absence of sperm in the semen, backward ejaculation, and inability to give sperm, it may be necessary to collect the sperm using some methods.

MicroTESE (Getting sperm from testis by biopsy):

It is the finding of sperm or reproductive cells by making an incision in the testicles of men who do not have any sperm in their semen (affects 1% of men) (Azospermia) using general or local anesthesia. It is made by the urologist and pieces are taken on the testicle under the microscope without damaging the vessels and given to the embryologist for examination. Sperm search can sometimes take 6-7 hours. MikroTESE has many advantages over regular TESE. The damage to the testis is minimal because it is done by seeing the veins under the microscope. There is also a large difference in the amount of tissue removed. The chances of finding sperm are similar.

The absence of sperm in the semen can be occlusive or non-occlusive. There is a higher chance of finding occlusive type sperm. The non-occlusive type is divided into 5 types among themselves. But the chance of finding sperm is on average 50%.

PESA(Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration) :

It has a place in the occlusive type of azoospermia. In addition, if there is difficulty in giving semen, if the ejaculation is backward (retrograde ejaculation), it can be applied. A small needle is inserted into the channels called epididymis on the testicles and semen is drawn. This semen is screened for sperm.

MESA(Epididymal sperm aspiration under the microscope) :

It is the removal of semen under microscopy by performing microsurgery from the epididymal canals on the testis.

TESA(Testicular sperm aspiration) :

It is a method of aspirating the semen by inserting a needle directly into the testicles without incision.

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