Metabolic balance in the treatment of obesity

What is metabolic balance?

Metabolic balance is a weight-regulating metabolism program developed by doctors and nutritionists.

With the help of this program, your previously acquired eating habits will turn into a healthy, completely balanced and unique way of eating. The basis of the program is the preparation of a special nutrition plan just for you. The personal plan is prepared taking into account your current laboratory analyzes and health status. This program will lead you to success in 4 stages. As a result,

1. Your weight problem will disappear permanently,
2. Your health will be protected and supported as a whole

How does metabolic balance affect?

Thanks to your personal nutrition plan, a new metabolic balance will be created with your “body chemistry” and “food items” suitable for you. In addition to consuming foods containing nutrients and minerals that are healthy and necessary for you, you will also be provided with the nutrients it needs to keep your metabolism in balance. For this reason, this specially prepared plan is only suitable for your metabolism and contains information about your personal characteristics.

Why does Metabolic balance work?

Your nutrition plan keeps your metabolism working in a healthy way and balances your weight and brings you to your ideal weight. With metabolic balance® program, doctors, our certified representatives trained in this subject, will accompany you so that you can reach the weight you want within the specified period without any problems.

How does Metabolic Balance promote weight loss?

Thanks to the nutrition plan specially prepared for you, you get all the healthy nutrients your body needs. In the program, foods are not selected according to the calories, fat, protein or carbohydrate they contain. Only and only your hormone level is taken into account, thus ensuring a healthy functioning of your metabolism. As you regulate your diet according to these new and easy-to-apply rules, your weight is controlled and the hormonal balance of your metabolism is also regulated.

How does my health improve with Metabolic Balance?

Thanks to a regular and balanced diet (especially by applying the exercises that are suitable for you), you can achieve permanent health; You can protect yourself from the important diseases of the age. Thanks to a natural and balanced diet, our body regains its natural weight. Thanks to this nutrition plan, there is a noticeable improvement in our daily efficiency and concentration. Thus, our energy level also increases. We can sleep better and feel physically stronger. As a result; we become healthier, more active and fitter and we reflect these characteristics to our environment. While applying the program, the fat in the body decreases, meanwhile, muscle and connective tissue are balanced thanks to metabolic balance. Thus, our skin becomes more taut and smooth.

When should I join the Metabolic Balance program?

Your participation in the program will only make sense and benefit if:

If you need a definitive solution to lose or gain weight and especially if you want to move forward in a healthy way,

If you have some health problems due to overweight or malnutrition (For example, diabetes, rheumatism, chronic migraine, metabolism disorder, high blood pressure, etc.)

No matter what age you are, if you want to be an energetic, lively and fit person, you should consider this program.

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