Metabolic balance, drug-free solution to metabolic syndrome


1. What is metabolic balance?
Metabolic Balance is a weight-regulating metabolism program. This program was developed by doctors and nutritionists. With the help of this program, your eating and drinking habits will turn into a healthy, balanced diet designed for you. The basis of this program is the preparation of a special nutrition plan just for you. This plan is prepared at the end of your current laboratory analysis and review of your health status. The program will lead you to success in 4 stages.

2. How is weight balanced with metabolic balance?
Thanks to the personalized nutrition plan, the person gets all the healthy nutrients that his body needs. In this way, the metabolism works healthily and a natural insulin secretion is encouraged. Because the person prepares their food according to new and simple rules, their weight is under control. In this way, the balance of hormones is strengthened.
Just one diet g I s double g With this, without dieting, without using products and drugs that support weight loss, g li g You can regulate your weight by protecting your weight.
3. Why should people choose metabolic balance?
The person’s nutrition plan supports healthy metabolism and keeps the desired weight in balance. Thanks to certified experts who have received Metabolic Balance training, the person can achieve the desired weight without any problems and within the specified time.
4. I have a very active life all day. Will I still be able to apply the metabolic balance program?
Your diet plan is versatile and flexible to adapt to your daily workload. You will have easy-to-prepare eating lists. Be creative. Your coach will help you stay on schedule even when you eat outside the home.
5. How does metabolic balance improve health?
With the provision of natural nutritional balance, the body can regain its natural weight. This brings efficiency and concentration. Due to this, the whole energy level increases. Better quality sleep increases physical strength. As a result; be healthier, more active and more fit, which is reflected in the person. Thus, the fat in the body decreases, while the metabolic balance strengthens the muscle and connective tissue, the skin remains tense and smooth.
6. Can I participate in metabolic balance program without coaching support?
The most important point for you to be successful in this program is the guidance of your coach. Your coach is the person who will assist you throughout the entire program. He is very knowledgeable about the program. It will also give you moral support.
7. How long does the program take?
Stage 1: It is the preparatory period; It takes 2 days.
Phase 2: It is the tight period; takes at least 14 days.
Stage 3: It is the relaxed period. Additional foods are added to your diet.
Stage 4: It is the protection period;
Many people choose to continue this period for life.
8. What kind of process is followed in the program?
Our certified doctors at the Metabolic Balance Institute will introduce you to our 4-stage program.
At your first meeting, your doctor will record your personal health and nutritional history and give you a list of blood tests. After the results of your blood tests reach us, all your information will be evaluated in metabolic balance institute. Thats Your Personal Nutrition Plan” will be created. Your Metabolic Balance coach will guide you as you begin your plan and throughout the entire plan implementation process.
9. Why is a 5-hour break between meals so important?
Your body needs a reasonable rest time to easily digest food. Every break meal triggers hunger attacks that are not foreign to you by disrupting the balance of metabolism. That’s why it’s so important to stick to the 5-hour break.
10. Should I eat all the foods in my diet plan?
Yes. You should eat. This plan is not a randomly prepared diet plan. It is your personal nutrition plan, scientifically arranged according to your laboratory data, as special as your fingerprint. These foods chosen for you will support your metabolism and will complete what has been missing in your body until now. Focus on getting different information by opening yourself up to new experiences. New recipes will help you in this change and development.
12. Should I eat the amount specified in my plan?
Yes. It is important that you consume these amounts. This is especially necessary for the second semester. Quantities are determined according to your ideal weight. After reaching your goal, the amounts are more free in the 3rd and 4th periods. Thus, your weight is also maintained.
13. Will I be hungry during the tight period (stage 2) and will this change negatively affect my productivity?
It is normal to be hungry right before a meal.

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