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I wanted to give some information about the ‘metabolic syndrome’ that we have heard frequently lately…
You ask why?
Because they affect our health and, accordingly, our standard of living, gradually triggering each other. When we realize it, we have already entered a vicious circle. Metabolic syndrome mostly affects people who are sedentary, sitting at a desk, eating and sleeping irregularly, and working under stress as a result of modern life. Its incidence increases with advancing age and weight gain.
As a matter of fact, the disease itself is hidden in the names given to it! It has also been given various names such as Civilization Syndrome, Deadly Four, Beer Belly, Cardio-metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance Syndrome.
What diseases does the metabolic syndrome consist of?
1. Insulin resistance
2. Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus)
3. Hypertension
4. Dyslipidemia (Disorder of blood fats)
5. Obesity (Weight gain)
6. Cardiovascular disease
7. Fatty liver
8. Polycystic ovary syndrome
9. Coagulation disorder

Maybe it’s time to take the tape measure and look around our waist?
You ask why?
Because we weigh in to find out if we’re gaining weight. But the most important thing is in which area your weight is accumulated. In those with metabolic syndrome, fat accumulation is especially concentrated around the waist and abdomen. The body shape is apple-like. This type of fat, which is determined by waist circumference measurement, increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases considerably.
When some of my patients come to me, I always measure them with a tape measure as well as their fat measurements, which has even become a joke between us, in case we came to a tailor. :)Dr.Güleryüz
People with thin waists and those whose lubrication gathers more in the lower back and hips are pear type. Although our patients are uncomfortable with this type of lubrication due to aesthetic concerns, it is the apple type body shape that poses a real risk to our health and is shown as visceral obesity (abdominal obesity).
1) Our waist circumference limit
94 cm for men
It will not exceed 80 cm in women Besides, if you have two more of the following criteria, you have metabolic syndrome…(Fatal quad!!!)
2) Our blood fats, cholesterol values;
High triglyceride: greater than 150 mg/dl
Low HDL (benign cholesterol) (<40 mg/dL in men; <50 mg/dL in women)
3) Our blood pressure, our blood pressure;
higher than 135/80
4) Having high fasting blood sugar (≥100 mg/dL) or type 2 diabetes

Get your life moving!
However, we can protect ourselves from Metabolic Syndrome by adopting a healthy lifestyle!
Changing the diet and physical exercise are indispensable. Every day or at least four days a week, at least 30 -45 minutes of walking. And of course we need to get rid of our excess kilos. Believe me, it is not that difficult..
If we are not successful in this way, and especially if the risk of cardiovascular disease is high, medication may be required. According to the recommendation of your specialist doctor, it may be necessary to supplement with lipid lowering agents, antihypertensives and antidiabetics.

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