It is a method of drug injection into the derm layer of the skin, which originates from the mesoderm. Drug mixtures selected in accordance with the purpose are given locally, in small doses, with special needles and special techniques. Many diseases can be treated with mesotherapy.

whole body aches

Pain due to degeneration in the joints

Connective tissue diseases

In cases of pain, redness, swelling due to acute and chronic soft tissue trauma

In myofascial pain syndrome

In migraine headaches

in payments

Keloid, Alopecia (baldness), acne (acne) treatment

To improve the immune system

In cases of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

It is used for the treatment of hypertension.

Mesotherapy can be used in the treatment of many diseases, and it is more commonly known in the society with aesthetic applications. This area is divided into three groups.

  1. Hair Mesotherapy

  2. Anti-aging mesotherapy (wrinkle, spot treatment, lifting treatment, scar treatment)

  3. Regional mesotherapy (Lipolysis, cellulite removal, stria-crack treatment)

Hair Mesotherapy: It is the application of mesotherapy to the scalp. Thanks to this process, hair loss is prevented. Hair follicles become stronger. It makes the hair stronger against external factors (air pollution, dust, seasonal changes, etc.). Oiliness, dandruff and sensitivity on the scalp are eliminated.

Anti-aging mesotherapy : Anti-aging mesotherapy is applied in almost every part of the body. Mesotherapy is applied in many body areas such as face, neck, décolleté area, back, hands, external genitalia, legs and arms. With these treatments, patients can perform wrinkle treatment, scar treatment, sagging treatment, acne scar removal, bleaching, and body restructuring. These substances are normally found in our body and decrease with age. When the missing substances are given to the body, all kinds of aging effects are regressed. As a result; a young elastic skin, equalization of skin tone, removal of wrinkles, lifting, a glowing skin is obtained.

Regional Mesotherapy: With regional mesotherapy, lipolysis (fat melting) can be applied to the accumulated fatty areas in our body. In addition, cellulite (orange peel appearance) areas can be treated. Regional mesotherapy is applied to treat stretch marks after birth or as a result of rapid weight gain. In addition, applications for recovery are also applied to the sagging areas formed as a result of weight loss.

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