In mesotherapy, minimal doses applied intradermally (into the skin) are injected into the problem area.
It is a simple method based on the logic of The word meaning of mesotherapy is the middle layer of the skin.
is the treatment.


Mesotherapy; natural plant extracts, homeopathic agents, medicines, vitamins, enzymes, hormones and other
It is a minimally invasive technique consisting of intradermal injection of mixtures of bioactive substances.
A very small amount of mesotherapy prepared cocktail is applied to the dermis (middle layer of the skin)
It is applied by means of needles. In the treatment of cellulite, regional thinning, treatment of hair loss,
It is a safe and effective alternative treatment for stretch marks, various skin diseases, face and neck rejuvenation.


Antiaging (Skin rejuvenation)
spot treatment
Under-eye bruises and bags
Hair loss
Correction of acne scars (pimples)
In alleviating the appearance of skin cracks (striae)
Regional lubrication and cellulite treatment
body tightening

Pregnant women
For lactating
Diabetes and hemophilia patients


Foods high in protein should be eaten before treatment. Caffeine-containing foods and beverages, cold
The drugs used in the common cold should be avoided. Hot shower within 8 hours after the treatment
should not be taken. The vast majority of patients do not complain of pain. The needle used is too large
It is thin (about the thickness of a hair) and its length is 4-6mm. For this reason, pain during the procedure
it doesn’t show up much. Patients who feel discomfort should apply an anesthetic cream 45 minutes before the procedure.
they can use. Most of the possible side effects are mild and temporary. Mild burning and itching, bruising and redness are common
seen side effects. Most bruises go away within a week. Daily immediately after mesotherapy
You can get back to your life and work.


Treatment results vary according to the area applied and the extent of the problem. Under-eye bags in the first session
can give results. The treatment results of cellulite and regional lubrication are seen after the first few treatments.

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