Mesotherapy is a mixture of special drugs prepared for different purposes, into the middle layer of the skin, with a special needle.
It is a special injection method applied using tips.

Where is mesotherapy used?
Mesotherapy is most commonly applied to the scalp in order to revitalize the hair and reduce it in case of hair loss.
applicable. Mesotherapy is also used to renew, moisturize and revitalize the skin on the face, neck and
Can be used in the décolleté area. In the treatment of regional slimming and cellulite, arms, abdomen and legs
applicable to the regions.

How is mesotherapy applied?
Local anesthetic creams can be used beforehand, as there may be pain during the application. to be applied
After cleaning the area with an antiseptic product, the process begins. Mesotherapy drugs small fine needles
With its help, it is applied to the required area. The application takes about 30 minutes.

How many sessions of mesotherapy are applied?
Mesotherapy is started once a week or every 2 weeks according to the need, 4 sessions are started and the sessions are opened between 6-10 sessions.
session can be applied.
Hair mesotherapy can be repeated during periods of increased seasonal shedding.

What are the side effects of mesotherapy?
Temporary side effects such as redness, bleeding, bruising, burning, itching may occur. These are of short duration and
The patient can continue his daily life. Rarely, infection or allergic reaction may occur at the application site.
Edema may be observed with the reaction.

To whom is mesotherapy not applied?
Pregnant, lactating, diabetes, cancer or immunological disease and blood thinners
Mesotherapy should not be applied in users.

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