Mesotherapy, very thin and short needle tips ( 4-6mm 29-30g needles )is a method used.

Mesotherapy has no side effects and the pain felt during the application is very low, although it is parallel to the size of the needles. However, after the application area is disinfected, it can be anesthetized by means of local anesthetic sprays and the loss of all sensation can be achieved.

Since the absorption of drugs in mesotherapy is very low, drug transfer into the systemic circulation is almost non-existent.

The number of injections made; It varies according to the patient, the disease and the area where the injection will be made.

Technically, mesotherapy, which is used in the treatment of regional slimming and cellulite, is the administration of circulatory regulator, fat-melting and fat-carrying drugs and certain vitamins under the skin, into the mesoderm, with very fine needles.

By regulating blood flow and lymphatic circulation in the cellulite area, fat deposits are dissolved, fat cells begin to burn fat and hardened connective tissue is smoothed.

Which Diseases Is Mesotherapy Used In The Treatment?

Mesotherapy is often used in all joint diseases such as arthritis, neck and lumbar hernia pain, sciatica and brachialgia, migraine and menstrual pain, sports traumas, varicose veins, lymph, edema and phlebitis, as well as vascular stains, especially cellulitis, for aesthetic purposes. It is widely used successfully to prevent various skin problems, skin aging and hair loss.

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