Mesotherapy; with very thin and short needle tips, skin rejuvenation, cellulite treatment, hair treatment, regional slimming
containing amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, stain removers that we use for
is the injection of a cocktail into the target area.

Facial Mesotherapy

Anti-aging, for the purpose of reducing the spots caused by aging, for this purpose
It is based on injecting prepared solutions under the skin with the mesotherapy method. of your solutions
Because it is purposeful and only injected into the area where we have problems, it is more
The number and amount of injections to be made will vary according to the structure of the problem area.
An average of 6 sessions of treatment is applied. 1 session per week for the first month, followed by a session once a month.

Cellulite and Regional Slimming Mesotherapy

In general, diet and exercise is a complementary treatment method. Fat accumulation with mesotherapy method
Solutions that break down fat cells and accelerate fat exchange with your body
It is based on injection. With the breakdown of fat cells, the diet and exercise you have done
Thanks to this, thinning and reduction will be seen in the area where we have problems. The key word is “Continuity”.
If you continue your diet and exercise after your treatment; you have new
You will ensure the continuity of your appearance. An average of 8 sessions of treatment is applied. Sessions
happens once a week.

Hair Mesotherapy

In our complaints such as hair loss, loss of vitality of the hair, loss of shine of the hair, the hair follicles
It is a method we use for feeding. Vitamins, elastin, blood circulation regulators, keratin
It is the injection of a mixture that will strengthen our hair. Average of 6 sessions
a treatment is given. Sessions are once a week.

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