Compassion is the intelligence of the heart, says Goethe. Another definition is to be able to hear all the cries.

Compassion is confused with compassion. While pity is a blessing, compassion means a fellowship.

Mercy shows itself more in the behavior of women, animals and plants. Every creature deserves to live without suffering persecution. This is the most natural right.

Compassionate people can show intense empathy. Empathy is actually being able to deal with the pain of the other person and understand him. Man is a creature programmed with innate compassion and empathy. Compassion is a feeling embedded in our codes. When there is a crying child, when a bird’s wing breaks, when a child falls to the ground, we try to help him. Mirror neurons have developed in humans, they can feel the emotions of the other person, so we are a living creature with a command of emotions. It is necessary to teach our children not to harm a living thing by debating, theater, drama, and explaining moral dilemmas.

In recent years, in the world, ‘Those who are at the bottom get hurt’, ‘Big fish swallow small fish.’ ‘Long live the snake that does not touch me.’ Unfortunately, we are heading towards a more cruel life where words such as these are spoken aloud. So to put an end to this corruption, ‘How do I feel?’ ‘How does the other party feel? and ‘What can I do about it?’ you have to ask questions.

If we no longer want to see violence against women, exclusion of refugees, child wedding dresses, and harming the environment, we should definitely introduce these values ​​into our education system and family relations in a qualified manner.

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