Mental Health in the Days of Corona

My dear teacher, Assoc. Dr. I would like to start with a word of Mehmet Bilgin. “There are always problems in life, it’s not what the problem is, it’s how we deal with it”.

As long as we live in a world that treats people as a social being, problems become inevitable parts of our lives. It is not possible to talk about a person or any society that does not experience problems. Humanity has lived with many disasters for many centuries. Epidemics are one of the disasters that affect the course of world history. Now, we are in the middle of a worldwide epidemic called Covid-19 (corona virus), which we have not even heard of before.

So how do we protect our mental health against the corona virus, which has managed to affect people, especially psychologically, in this frightening time?

First of all, let me say that you are not alone in your concerns. We all experience similar situations. The only thing that differs in a similar situation we live in is our reactions to these situations. Uncertainty is one of the things that scare us, worry or stress us and cause us to react differently. When the human brain encounters an uncertain situation, it writes many dysfunctional scenarios and believes that these scenarios will come true. Corona virus is also an invisible enemy for our brain at the moment. Our brain writes various scenarios about this enemy that it cannot see and believes that they will come true. In fact, there is only one truth at this point, that these scenarios are a trick of our brains on us and are the very dysfunctional negative thoughts.

One of the most important rules for managing this process is to be able to control our emotions and thoughts by increasing our knowledge of the situation. Trying to focus on more realistic thoughts instead of negative and unrealistic thoughts, being open and clear about what we are going through helps us to cope fully with the problems we face. Yes, we are going through a difficult period of uncertainty, but everything could have been much worse. Let’s not forget that a tree that has been bare all winter blooms in spring. Concentrating on the parts of life that you have control over also makes you feel good. Focusing on the present instead of the past or the future is important for maintaining our psychological health, and one of the things that can be done for this is to set small goals that you can reach. One of the things that is necessary to manage the process is to be aware of what is going on. In this case, it is important that the source of the news follow-up is reliable and the follow-up period is also important. Especially at night, cutting contact with social media news will affect your sleep positively by preventing the negative thoughts that your mind will create. Finally, keep in mind that everything that is good for your body will also have good results for your psychology, and take care of your body. Remember, “There are always problems in life, it’s not what the problem is, it’s how we deal with it”.

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