Men’s nightmare “Erectile Dysfunction”

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem among Turkish men. In case of inability to initiate, maintain or maintain the rigidity required for sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction can be mentioned. Having a sexual problem is a matter of pride for a man. Because the idea that the penis and sexual power are the symbols of masculinity is instilled in men from childhood, and when a man experiences erectile dysfunction, even for once, his world collapses and he thinks that he has lost his masculinity and will never regain it. However, if a problem occurs repetitively and repetitively in every sexual intercourse for at least 3 or 6 months, then it can be qualified as a problem. Every man may experience an erection problem once in a while, the important thing is not to enlarge it. Impotence can have many different causes. Stress, problems in work and family life, constant problems between spouses, bodily dislike and fear of getting pregnant, fear of failing in sexual intercourse, misinformation about sexuality or being discovered, rejection, sadness, etc. In addition to mental problems such as anxiety and depression caused by causes, disorders of the arteries, veins, spongy cylinders and neural structures of the penis, smoking, alcohol and drug use, and some diseases and drugs used in the treatment of these diseases can cause erectile dysfunction. For treatment, it is necessary to determine the cause of the problem first.

Fear of failure causes erectile dysfunction

Sex is not a test or competition

The most common psychological cause of erectile dysfunction is the fear of failure. Fear of failure, also known as performance anxiety, is one of the most common reasons why men experience problems in sexual intercourse. Fear of failure is fueled by common misconceptions about sexuality. These common beliefs that we call sexual myths; It inculcates false information such as “men should always be ready for sexual intercourse, that his penis should always be hard, that he should be able to maintain intercourse for hours”, and thus performance pressure may occur in men. However, sexuality is a loving sharing with the opposite sex, it is not a test or a competition, there should be no concept of failing in sexuality, the important thing is to enjoy the time spent together as much as possible. Men care a lot about being successful in sexuality. Especially in men who have not yet experienced sexually, the fear of not being able to please their partner is very high. Because of this concern, men state that they are hesitant to approach the opposite sex, flirt and marry. Again, men who experienced erectile dysfunction in their first relationship and fell into despair also stay away from sex for fear of experiencing the same problem again. When everything is going well, the problem of erection can also occur suddenly. Every person is different from each other, it is necessary to evaluate every person in their own circumstances. However, the problem of erection is not fate, there is a cure, there is a solution.

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