Menopause and Sex Life

One of the most important turning points in a woman’s life is the end of the monthly bleeding cycle we call menopause. The reproductive process of the woman ends, but the sense of sexual pleasure and sexual life continues.

Since women’s hormones that increase beauty, femininity, sexual desire and pleasure decrease Estrogen secretion, hot flushes, sweating attacks, decreased sexual desire and vaginal dryness may occur.

Herbal tablets, special vagina PH. By using gels suitable for their structure, we prevent the deterioration of harmony between sexual counseling and husband and wife.

Most of the divorce or cheating cases can be at this stage.

Every unused organ becomes atrophied, every muscle weakens.

We recommend that our women do not live alone and continue an active sexual life after menopause. Even though it is not as many as 20-30 year olds, it is not the right approach to cut off the sexual life, to say that it has passed us, or to say that it is not enough for us in youth.

If we do not want to experience frequent urinary tract infections, vaginal burns, urinary incontinence complaints due to atrophy of the vagina and vulva, we should try to maintain our sexual life with counseling.

Menopause is an important stage for female genital cancers and breast cancer screenings. Mammography and vaginal smear should not be neglected.

All red or brown bleeding in the menopausal stage requires an immediate gynecologist application, examination and biopsy from the uterus.

Irregular Vaginal Bleeding

The menstrual period in women covers 21-35 days, lasts 7-10 days and there are no intermediate bleedings. Maybe there are women who know the ovulation period and say that I have a few drops of bleeding every month on those days.

Menopausal bleeding necessarily requires a gynecologist referral.

Sexual intercourse bleeding definitely requires gynecologist bleeding. The most important symptoms of cervical and cervix cancers are bleeding.

There are many women who say they are afraid, they did not come.

“I didn’t come because there was an epidemic.” I had a patient with a hemoglobin of 4.

Severe vaginal bleeding also requires immediate medical attention.

It is essential to consult a gynecologist in all cases of vaginal, anus, urinary tract and throat bleeding during pregnancy.

During the bleeding period, we do not do vaginal examination if it is menstrual, but if there is intermittent bleeding, we do it by thinking about whether there is a piece of flesh we call polyp or if there is a wound in the cervix.

In irregular bleeding, we make sure to do the lactation hormone, the thyroid hormones of the disease called goiter, the ovarian hormones, and the pregnancy test in the blood.

Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy should not be overlooked. Since B hcg may increase in some ovarian diseases, it is requested to diagnose these diseases.

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