Literally, mens pause means the cessation of the menstrual day. We consider a woman who has not had a period in the last year as menopausal.
Women of reproductive age spend a certain number of eggs in their ovaries every month during the period of regular menstruation. The number of eggs, which was 400,000 at the beginning, is determined by the effect of race and environmental factors, depending on different factors, and it is depleted after a while.
With the decrease in the number of eggs, a decrease in reproductive ability and changes in the menstrual order begin in the ongoing process. The average age of menopause in Turkey is known as 47-48.
Of course, the menstrual period does not stop all of a sudden, but gradually shows itself with disruptions in its regularity. We call this period the peri-menopausal period. The most disturbing finding in this period is hot flashes, especially at night. Disturbances in sleep patterns, changes in psychological status, abdominal pains are early signs.
In the following period, there is an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, also known as stroke, due to an increase in blood cholesterol levels. With the decrease in bone formation, osteoporosis and the increase in bone fractures due to this are the most important postmenopausal problems.
Although menopause is a natural process, it is a condition that impairs the quality of life and general health.
In order to avoid these situations, it is recommended that a woman who has entered the menopause period should apply to an obstetrician once a year. It is recommended to perform an annual general examination smear test, annual breast control and measuring bone density at regular intervals.
For treatment, we usually use symptomatic methods to relieve symptoms, rearrange the eating habits according to age, and exercise is our sine qua non.

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