Meniere’s Disease

Endolymphatic hydropscaused by an increase in endolymphatic pressure vertigo( imbalance, dizziness), fluctuating (decreasing) hearing lossand tinnitus( tinnitus ) is a term used to describe the coexistence of symptoms. If the cause of endolymphatic hydrops is known, Meniere’s syndrome, if the cause is unknown (idiopathic) Meniere’s diseaseis named.

Meniere The disease is more common in women than men. patients, sudden, watchtinnitus that develops in the form of tinnitus, ear fullness( pressuresensation), decreasing ( fluctuant ) complain of hearing loss and vertigo. Over time, with new attacks, it is seen that hearing gradually decreases permanently. Although symptoms vary widely among individuals, in some patients cochlear(such as tinnitus, hearing loss), in some patients vestibular(vertigo, balance disorder such) symptoms are more dominant. Attacks can last for minutes or hours. It is generally stated to be less than 3 hours.

The diagnosis can usually be made by the presence of the above-mentioned complaints. This condition is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sweating. audiologicaland vestibular(hearing and balance) tests, a sensorineural type of hearing loss and caloricmay indicate a unilateral weakness in tests.

To reduce the symptoms of Meniere’s disease salt restriction, which removes water from the body ( diuretic), vasodilator ( vasodilator), nausea-vomiting suppressant ( antiemetic ) drugs can be used. In patients who do not respond to medical treatment, it varies according to the patient’s hearing status. interventionalor surgicalmethods can be used for treatment purposes.

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