Meeting with the psychologist:

While talking about the subject you have a problem with in the sessions, your automatic thoughts in your daily life gradually emerge. You have emotions that bring out the thoughts you’ve had, and behaviors that act as a result.

Thoughts that form the beginning; They are thoughts that have been shaped by our past experiences, that take place in the stream of mind, and that usually appear “automatically” in moments of emotional distress. They are called “o”automatic thoughts” because they occur “automatically”. They occur spontaneously and often go unnoticed.

Automatic thoughts depend on intermediate beliefs. These are like the rules of the individual. For this reason, the order of their lives and behaviors is shaped according to these intermediate beliefs. These intermediate beliefs also depend on core beliefs.

Core beliefs lead to cognitive distortions in the individual. These cognitive distortions; arbitrary inference, selective abstraction, overgeneralization, enlargement and reduction, all-or-nothing thinking, personalization, catastrophizing, must-thinking, mind-reading, reaching conclusions from emotion, labeling.

In our interviews, we work with the schemas that you create about these thoughts that deviate a little from their reality. In this way, we help you to think more real and impartially.

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