Mediterranean Diet and Skin Health

For years, diet has been associated with skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, allergies and eczema.
There has been intense interest in its effect on diseases.
It is known that some diets have a beneficial effect on diseases such as psoriasis.
Despite the expected specific scientific responses, dermatologists often
They recommend losing weight, if necessary, along with a healthy and balanced diet.
However, few dermatologists recommend a specific diet.
However, some specific dietary recommendations have now begun to be given.
Mediterranean diet is accepted as a healthy diet regime among these diets.
sees. In this diet, mainly plant-based vegetables, fruits, whole grains,
foods such as legumes and nuts. Other recommendations include the Mediterranean
healthy fats, such as olive oil and canola oil, replace butter in his diet,
While spices and herbs are used instead of salt and flavoring foods, red
meat is consumed no more than a few times a month. Many skin diseases such as psoriasis
are chronic inflammatory diseases, and the Mediterranean diet reduces chronic inflammation.
May reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Phan
authors such as the positive effects of the Mediterranean diet in skin diseases such as psoriasis.
claimed to have effects. Reflecting adherence to the Mediterranean diet, the MEDI-
LITE scoring systems include the onset of skin diseases such as psoriasis and/or
or its effect on severity can be followed. Like the NutriNet-Sante program
observational and web-based inquiry style
such studies have also been initiated and data have been published. Especially like psoriasis
skin diseases are classified as severe, mild and disease-free groups when these diets are given.
fissile. At two-year follow-up
MEDI-LITE patient scores, 0 (non-diet adherence) and 18 (intensive diet adherence)
may vary between 35 of approximately 158,000 patients in the web-based program
Response was obtained in 500 (73%) and severe psoriasis in 870 patients.
An inverse correlation was observed between severe psoriasis and adherence to diet.
In other words, those with severe psoriasis have low adherence to the Mediterranean diet. Writers in general
The Mediterranean diet slows the course of skin diseases such as psoriasis.
If such studies are confirmed by other studies, the progression of skin diseases
treatment and treatment of moderate or severe skin diseases.
diet is also possible. In the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis
specific diets should be recommended. Here, a specific type of diet, the Mediterranean
some skin diseases, accompanying metabolic and other internal problems and
may have benefits on overall body health.

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