Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest nutrition models.
☘️Mediterranean diet is the traditional diet of the countries that have a coast on the Mediterranean.
☘️Many studies have accepted the Mediterranean diet as an example of healthy eating, and various
stated that it reduces the risk of chronic diseases and increases the quality of life.
????s vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and intermediates that are generally emphasized in the Mediterranean diet
higher consumption of nuts (such as walnuts, raw almonds, raw hazelnuts) at meals;
the use of olive oil as the main source of fat and its high consumption; medium-level
consumption of fish, low-fat dairy products (mainly yogurt and cheese), eggs and poultry, and
low-frequency consumption of red meat.
☘️It should be emphasized that there is no single Mediterranean diet, each country has its own culture.
There is diversity around a core content.
Foods such as butter, margarine, sugar, sugary drinks, salami, sausage, sausage should not be consumed.
✅ Protects from Alzheimer’s disease, reduces the risk of depression and Parkinson’s disease.
✅ Shows a protective effect against cancer and strengthens the immune system.
✅Reduces the risk of heart attack.
✅ It is protective against type-2 diabetes.
????Of course, you still need to pay attention to the portion. Remember that what causes you to gain weight
The thing is, it’s being consumed in large portions rather than the food you consume.

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