Measured Eyebrow Removal

Permanent Brow
For eyebrows, face measurements are made to find the shape that goes to the person before the application.
shape is found and the deficiencies in the eyebrow are detected, then the color is based on the person’s hair, eyebrow and skin color.
selection is made and then it is implemented. The application time is approximately 45 minutes. If the usage time
It varies between 2-5 years.

To Whom Can It Be Applied?
Those who do not have a congenital eyebrow, those who have thinned eyebrows for medical reasons, those who want a different type of eyebrow,
Those who have low eyebrows and those who have eyebrows close to the eyes are re-drawn to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Color Variety in Eyebrow Makeup;
Organic colors are yellow, red and blue. Colors such as brown and black are derived from these colors. Ultimately
The dark auburn color applied at the end changes to yellow or gray tones, brown mustard yellow, dark
brown will turn red or purple, and black will turn blue or green. Color opening process
2 to 5 years depending on the person and the applied skin.

These results are not encountered in new generation paints; Only color fading may occur. Because
In the process of permanence of the eyebrow, it may be necessary to repeat the drawing when you need it.

How to Color?
By preserving the existing hairs at the maximum level, as long as the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes allows,
Additional eyebrow lines in a color suitable for the eyebrow hair should be left under the skin from above or below the hairs.

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