labyrinthite, both balanceas well as hearingIt is the name given to inflammation of the inner ear organs related to the inner ear. balance nervein inflammation ( vestibular neuritis) as in a upper respiratory tract infection may occur following one or two inner earmay be affected by the disease. viralor bacterial  infection It may occur due to diseases or systemic diseases. It can be seen most frequently in the age range of 30 – 70 years in adulthood. In adults, the source of infection is often a long-standing nuisance. chronic( chronic) middle ear is an infection. In children, usually under the age of 2 and meningitis can be seen together. Therefore, involvement of both inner ears is much more common in childhood. Imbalancethe feeling is always hearing loss seen with. The onset of vertigo is sudden. Earor meninges Depending on its origin, it is seen together with otitis media or meningitis. carefully, quickly medicaland if needed surgicaltreatment is a necessity.

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