Masturbation; It is the stimulation of the genitals or other erogenous areas in the body with the help of the hands, generally until ejaculation, and the person’s self-satisfaction and sexual satisfaction by using various visual materials and intellectual fantasies. It is a natural process as it helps the person relax and experience sexuality without harming anyone, and is the easiest method of satisfaction for people who do not have regular sexual partners. It is a personal choice, not harmful, as long as it is not overdone and preferred to normal sexual intercourse. It is okay to masturbate as needed to discover sexuality, get to know the body and learn to have an orgasm. Because human has sexual impulses from birth and these impulses intensify especially during adolescence. People satisfy their sexual urges through masturbation, which is a very healthy way.

Male Masturbation

Male masturbation, also known as “thirty-one pulling” among the people, is the situation of stimulating the penis with the help of the hands, usually until ejaculation occurs. Masturbation is the easiest method of satisfaction for a man who is in the process of discovering himself and his sexuality. In this sense, masturbation is a normal and natural process. Contrary to what is known in the society, masturbation is not a shame, forbidden, dirty necessity, and it does not have any harmful effects on the body, and even provides relaxation and relaxation. It is said frequently among the people; “Masturbation causes acne.”, “Masturbation will not have children in the future, it will cause infertility.”, “If you masturbate too much, you will run out of sperm.”, “Masturbating with soap kills sperm.” Rumors and information like these are completely fabricated, sexual myths. The important thing in male masturbation is not to perform the act out of fear of being caught and with feelings of guilt. Because usually with the feeling of guilt caused by religious elements, a man who thinks that he will be caught at any moment may unknowingly program himself for premature ejaculation.

Regarding the frequency of masturbation, especially in adolescents, after masturbating frequently and continuously that will irritate the penis; There may be psychological problems such as self-creation problems, loneliness, addiction, conditioning, exclusion by friends, and parental pressure. In addition, if adolescents cannot establish a healthy communication with their families at home, if their identities are not respected, if they have not developed themselves socially, if they are alone and cannot do activities that will drain their energy, they may turn to masturbation frequently.

Female Masturbation

Among the reasons women masturbate, the most frequently stated situation is that their partners cannot satisfy them sexually. About 30% of women reach orgasm during sex. For this reason, many women can reach orgasm through masturbation. Women are particularly sensitive to stimulation of the clitoris, either directly or by rubbing with hands on clothes. During masturbation, contractions and tremors may be experienced in the vagina, groin or legs. Masturbation without inserting anything into the vagina does not harm the hymen. What is said about masturbation “it causes infertility”, “it damages the hymen.” Statements like these are completely fabricated, sexual myths.

Baby and Child Masturbation

Although it is a very common and natural process for children to stimulate themselves by playing with their genitals due to their curiosity and urge to explore their genitals, it makes families nervous. However, the child may masturbate more frequently if the mother-child relationship is not very good, if the child cannot discharge his/her energy sufficiently, if the friendship relations are broken, if the psychological atmosphere of the house is tense, if the child is unhappy and lonely, if the social activities are low, if the parents react harshly to the masturbation behavior and punish it. Because in this way, he keeps the attention of the mother and father. If masturbation continues, parents become more uneasy, because the child who cannot establish the boundaries continues to do it everywhere. For this reason, parents should provide sexual education in accordance with the child’s age; they should explain that the genitals are private places and that masturbation in public is not pleasant. But most importantly, parents should rebuild their relationships with their children in line with these issues.

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