Mastectomy – removal of the breast

In cases where breast-conserving surgery is not suitable or the patient does not want breast-conserving surgery, the breast is completely removed.

The patient is put to sleep under general anesthesia. A horizontal elliptical incision is made subcutaneously, including the nipple and previous biopsy incision, if any. The entire breast tissue is removed, with the border of the collarbone at the top, the breastbone (sternum) inside, the breast fold at the bottom, and the nipple edge on the outside. In some rare special cases, the underlying chest muscle may also be included in the surgery (Radical mastectomy). In order to drain the accumulated fluid after the surgery, a drain (vacuum pipe system) is placed and the skin is closed. The hospital stay is 1-2 days.

After the operation, almost every patient has fluid accumulation in the area. Sometimes, in this situation, which continues even after the discharge pipes are pulled out, it is necessary to empty with a needle. However, this is not a situation that will affect the course of the cancer.

If the cancer is multifocal, the tumor is under the nipple, the tumor is large compared to the breast volume, there is skin involvement, and the patient’s request, the breast is completely removed. However, breast reconstruction is possible in the same session.

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