Marriage Therapy

Marriage; It is a spiritual and emotional journey as well as a step taken to unite your life with your loved one and become a family. In this journey; The married couple desires to create a sincere and joyful relationship that will last a lifetime. Success and happiness in marriage does not depend on your ability to choose the perfect spouse, but on knowing the hidden sides of yourself in your marriage and relationship, taking responsibility for your relationship, living the private areas of “me” without harming your relationship, and being conscious of “us”. This is why the only alternative to the problems you have in your marriage or couple relationship, divorce or separation, is to shut yourself down on this journey and devote yourself to various coping skills (such as drinking alcohol, working, giving yourself to eating, romantic fantasies, watching TV, etc.). You should not fill yourself with negative emotions and lose hope. Marriage and couple therapy aims to raise the awareness of the couple on all these issues and to restructure and solve their relationship problems.

Couple and marriage, what is family therapy?

Couple and marriage therapy is a process in which individuals, couples and families diagnose and intervene emotional problems. In addition, in marriage and couple therapy, the focus is on identifying conflicts, problems and concerns in family relationships, finding their sources, and seeking solutions by setting concrete goals.​ ​

In couple therapy, adjustment problems in couple and marital relations, conflicts, infidelity, divorce, separation, anxieties before marriage, miscommunication, adaptation to changes in the life of one or both of the couples, chronic diseases, burnout, emotional damage, problems with extended families Many problems can be addressed, such as conflicts with the bride-mother-in-law, alcohol and substance abuse, loss and bereavement. While the problems handled in couple therapy focus more on the couple’s relationship, the problems in the environment and family relationships are handled in family therapy. Behavior, discipline and communication problems in children and adolescents, conflicts between siblings, concerns and difficulties experienced with children during divorce and separation processes, conflicts with their own parents, difficulties experienced in issues such as old age, illness and care can be studied. Family therapy should be used to overcome the difficulties experienced in extended families, single-parent families and step families. ‘

How to Do Couple, Marriage and Family Therapy?

In couple and marriage therapy; relationship is seen as a system and the problems experienced are made sense within this system. Instead of right-wrong, guilty-innocent in the marital relationship, the focus is on the dysfunctional, disruptive, and dysfunctional aspects of the relationship. While focusing on the couple’s relationship, healthy communication ways are taught to the couple in order to increase the satisfaction in the relationship and communication. It aims to enable each individual to realize and develop their own characteristics and potentials, with an emphasis on realistic expectations. It is a system that lives in a couple relationship. Changes in the parts of this system affect the whole system.

In couple therapy; It is important to attend the session as a couple and for the couple to interact. In the sessions, the nature of the relationship or marriage problem, the relationship pattern between people, and the sources of the problem are evaluated. When the therapist deems it necessary; It may be recommended that both or one of the couple continue individual interviews. In these individual interviews, relationship problems experienced by individuals, unresolved interpersonal conflicts and past-origin problems extending to past experiences with the family are studied. Intergenerational transmission can create recurrent cycles in marriages. In marriages, there may be harmony and communication problems, and similar problems can be passed on and recur from generation to generation, regardless of individuals. Since this is a situation that the married couple will pass on to their children, it is an issue that needs to be noticed and intervened. Family histories can affect the relationships that couples establish with each other, and their communication with their children and extended families. Discovering these stories and their effects on our lives can help individuals develop, get to know themselves and their environment better, establish more satisfying relationships, be healthier and more productive, be healthy parents, and increase their quality of life.​


Topics covered in Marriage Therapy

  • Spousal Incompatibility

  • Communication Problems in Marriage

  • Effects of Working Life on Marriage

  • Problems with Spouse’s Family

  • Sexual Issues

  • Bad Behavior in Marriage

  • Cheat

  • Communication problems between family members

  • domestic violence

  • Cheat

  • Negative effects of spouses’ families on marriage

  • Problems after having a child

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