Manipulation Invisible, Noticeable

The mind is very interesting… Our brain needs to make up for the deficiencies immediately, because uncertainty is an ancient source of danger for people, it fills the gaps as soon as possible, so what does it fill with, of course, with what it knows or has experienced… Is it true that he knows…?

How does manipulation work? What he thinks is the absolute truth is also man’s greatest deception. That is to say, first an absolute truth is imposed on the brain, for example, a savior phenomenon, a solution is imposed on the brain even before there is a problem, then that problem is actually created, it does not occur spontaneously, sometimes it is created! ; after a virtual alarm of danger, that savior is accepted without question, because in the moment of danger, the mind turns to the method it knows, studies, is most exposed to, followed by the majority… Thus, the brain will have already accepted the output if a happens, I must choose b, the void is immediately It is filled with b and the desired subject, problem or hero is added or removed from that distorted reality that ossifies. However, there is no a, which is b, and even if a, the solution can be c, d, e, f, g… not b. ..

We are going through such a period that everything is uncertain, one says, yes, everything is uncertain; the moment is uncertain, the future is uncertain, even the past, even our past routines are vaguely present. It is not even clear what we will adapt to in the future. The psychological mechanism of man automatically interprets uncertainty as danger, he should prepare his action plan for the worst and to survive with the instinct of survival, because the most functional technique used in manipulation is to create uncertainty, people who cannot see the danger and cannot name it tend to gather around the majority and this is how mass management begins; uncertainty, the impression of danger, joining the crowd and being dragged along without question… And finally, what is accepted without question.

The “Savior” archetype… After this point, every system presented is accepted without question, at least because it removes ambiguity, it has become inevitable that even the devil is seen as a prophet!

So how do we fear… ? Accomplices: media, TV, politics, distorted religious teachings, money, war, rumors of war, news of violence and disasters… Fear and uncertainty slow the questioning ability, and in a survival instinct the masses are prone to manipulation and tend to rally around the majority. The individual is exposed to frequent and intense threat signals one after the other, and neural networks, that is, behavioral models, are created in the amygdala center of the brain, which is also responsible for the feeling of fear, that will lead to the behaviors that the manipulator wants to take place. The more frequently the threatening signal is repeated, the stronger the connections between neurons, and the process of believing the situation without questioning its reality and acting accordingly begins. Because even the worst scenario seems more reliable than uncertainty. “ The Dark Knight A line from the movie “2008” came to mind, “You know what I noticed? No one panics when everything goes according to plan. Even if the plan is terrible…”

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