Male-to-Female Transformation Surgeries

There are many techniques in these surgeries, and the surgery can be considered easier if microsurgery is not preferred compared to female-to-male transformation operations. It is the removal of the testicles called castration during the surgery and the creation of vaginal tissue from the scrotum and penile skin after the tissue is removed from the penis. There are some disadvantages in these surgeries according to my opinion and what I have heard from my patients. This is especially the formation of strictures in the newly made vagina and problems related to dryness during sexual intercourse. In these surgeries, I recommend making a new vagina with the intestinal tissue most similar to the female vagina structure in the body. Because the intestinal tissue has its own secretion. This secretion provides a high level of comfort while maintaining the person’s normal life and during sexual intercourse. It can be done by opening the abdomen and bringing the intestinal tissue to the area where the vagina will be without separating the vessels. Although this surgical technique is simpler than the use of microsurgery technique, the disadvantage is the scar formed in the middle of the abdomen. I am going into these surgeries with my friends, an experienced general surgeon. With 3 traces of 2-3 mm in the abdomen, the general surgeon laparoscopically prepares the intestinal segment in the abdomen and takes it out. Subsequently, the circulation of this tissue is provided by microsurgery by connecting the vessels of the intestinal tissue to the adjacent vessels in the region that will be the vagina. In this closed technique we use, the intestine is prepared without opening the abdomen, so that the vagina can be reconstructed with an almost traceless result on the anterior surface of the abdomen.

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