Male sexuality and erectile dysfunction in old age


Contrary to popular belief, society is very concerned with the sexual life of those around them and sexual problems are one of the bedside problems of people no matter what age they are. Many new scientific studies have shown that decreased sexual satisfaction significantly reduces the quality of life of the elderly. It has been shown that the elderly with active sexual life are more successful in cognitive perception.
The idea that there will be no sexual life in old age is definitely wrong, but sexual performance expectations in this period should also be different from those in adulthood.
After the age of 70, not every man can have an active sexual life, but it is natural to expect it to happen. We doctors are used to this situation…
Men and women, who are considered to be old by the society in the world, continue their sexual lives actively and do not see it as a taboo. Likewise, although there is no definite limit in terms of aging in our country and in the world, doctors do not consider people who are not over 65 years old as old. Doctors all over the world find the sexual problems of older people normal and see them as problems that require effort to be solved.
While questioning the sexual life of elderly male patients who apply to the outpatient clinic with erectile dysfunction, their age, complaints, body structure and whether they have other diseases are also important and must be questioned.
aging male symptoms
Decreased potency and frequency of having sex
—Reduction in the number of morning stiffness
– Decreased pleasure in sex, decreased desire for sexual intercourse
—Reduction in beard growth
—The feeling that the best times are behind
—Feeling exhausted and bottomed out
— Irritability, aggression, being easily influenced by small things, pessimism
— Difficulty falling asleep, difficulty sleeping deeply, waking early and feeling tired, insufficient sleep, insomnia
-Joint and muscle pain
The treatment protocol is arranged with the necessary tests, examinations and consultations of the male patient whose questions are answered.
In Europe, in our cities, old people that he was used to seeing only at the bank and at home were everywhere. On the streets, at festivals and in restaurants, I naturally had the impression that the young population was very low at first. My friend, who was born and grew up there and previously worked in a government agency responsible for helping old people, summarized that this was not the case.
“Here, old people manage their lives like every other person in society without changing their routine when they get old, and there is plenty of opportunity for them to spend their hearty pensions. Since the awareness that they will age day by day has settled, they spend their late adulthood working, reading and seeing new places in order to have a vigorous and lively brain and body. In addition, they know that there are institutions of the state instead of their children who will take care of them when they get old.
Yes, my friend was right, the ratio of elderly and young people in hospitals abroad was roughly the same as in our country. In Germany, as in the urology services in Turkey, approximately half of the beds were made up of people over the age of 50. But the profile on the streets, at festivals and in the bazaars was very, very different. The elderly were busier than the young in some places, also due to the abundance of leisure time.
People around us are wrong when they expect the elderly to withdraw into their shells, to be seen less on the street, to rest in their homes, in a nursing home, and to let life take their toll.
What are “end of masculinity”, “andros = man” and “pausis = termination” i.e. “Andropause”?
Andropause is a clinical condition that causes sexual function, decrease in sexual desire and sexual power, impotence, fatigue and sleep problems, emotional changes, depression, osteoporosis, increase in abdominal fat and decrease in muscles after a certain age (50) in men. It is the menopause in women. Andropause literally does not meet the definition of “end of masculinity”, that is, there is no such thing as the sudden end of masculinity. It’s a term I don’t like to use as a doctor.
When andropause is evaluated from a hormonal point of view, it is defined as the decrease in male hormone (testosterone) and an imbalance between many other hormones.
Contrary to popular belief, the response of young and adult people to the idea of ​​aging is different from that of old people, the situation of old people does not become very depressed, on the contrary, they become less depressed than young people. Older people generally get used to old age in a few years.
Older men get used to their age, not yet to the idea that their sexuality is over.

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