Male Sexual Dissatisfaction (Satiriasis-Hypersexuality)

The term hypersexuality first came to the fore in history with the words of John F. Kennedy “I can’t go without sex for four hours”. Since it was not known at that time, it was only diagnosed years later. Kennedy was a hypersexual man. The sex addiction of his brother Edward Kennedy emerged as a result of an accident with his lover and his political life came to an end.

Expression of sexual behavior is a biopsychosocial process, a complex outcome of interactions, and must be evaluated from a religious, medical, legal and social perspective. Sexual desires, which are a part of human nature, should not be suppressed, but to the person who spends all his time and energy on sexuality; should be taught to control and express harmlessly excessive sexual desires that create problems before the law and threaten physical, mental and mental health.

For many men in our country and around the world, hypersexuality is a source of pride. In this way, they get together with many women and are satisfied by thinking that they have the power and the power. Today, however, this condition is accepted as an abnormal situation and is defined as a psychological disease. In this respect, satyriasis is the state of excessive sex drive and enslavement of sexual feelings and desires. These people, who cannot be content with a single partner, have more than normal sexual relations and are not selective, generally do not have a permanent relationship. It is a form of addiction as they cannot overcome the urge to engage in repetitive sexual activities with different partners. It is a situation in which a man keeps thoughts about sexuality in his consciousness all the time and messages are given that nothing but sexuality can reward him.

Men running from woman to woman, constantly changing lovers, playboys in fashion terms, try to prove that their sexual power is too much by having sexual relations with many women. In this way, they appear to be victorious and try to hide their underlying feelings of inferiority. Men who try to avoid feelings such as loneliness, anger, and self-hatred instead of confronting them, although they say they are looking for real sex and love, actually neglect their own lives by making love and sex times an object that will kill them. It can also be thought that such men have big problems that go back to childhood. Some psychiatrists even argue that these men have a compulsion that develops as a defense against unconscious homosexual tendencies.

The personality structures of hypersexual men are generally in accordance with the narcissistic, self-admiring, self-aggrandizing and dependent personality structure. They are people who are quickly demoralized, cannot come to distress and are constantly in search of solving their troubles. Their outlook on life is often pessimistic and there is self-pity. They have a very bad relationship with their fellow men and the only subject they are interested in is pornography. The sexual act is always in the foreground. At that moment, the attractiveness and beauty of the woman is not important for the man, the important thing is the action. A hypersexual man often engages in sexual relations that are not suitable for his social status, prestige, and environment, and perhaps has some sexual relations with people he will not be with throughout his life, and over time he begins to feel guilty. Ultimately, when sex addiction leads to suicidal thoughts, he consults a specialist, and this process takes an average of 6-7 years. In this sense, sex addiction destroys the reputation and prestige of the person, just like other addictions. Excessive sex drive suppresses all non-sexual emotions in men; It tramples the will, reason and moral values, and turns the person into a pursuit of only women. There is no relaxation and relaxation that should come with orgasm, the state of sexual tension continues. At the time of orgasm, they do not feel as much enthusiasm as normal people, and their climaxes are not very high, and the relief that follows is also very insufficient.

Is My Partner a Satyriasis? (Satiriasis Profile)

  • There is no selectivity regarding the female partner.

  • They cannot orgasm, their tension continues and they just ejaculate.

  • They don’t make love, they just have sex based on penis-vagina union.

  • They can’t stand monogamy for more than 6 months, they can’t have long-term relationships.

  • They can get involved in forensic cases because of sex.

  • They may have sex in inappropriate environments without considering their status.

  • There are porn CD and DVD archives.

  • They may prefer paid sex.

  • They can have multiple sex a day.

  • They often have sexual fantasies.

  • They masturbate frequently.

  • They may get more pleasure from masturbation than from sexual intercourse.

  • They cannot stand the feeling of emptiness, when they are empty, there is an increase in sexual urges.

  • Suicidal feelings may develop over time.

  • They constantly need to prove themselves and conquer new women.

  • They are usually on bad terms with their fellow humans.

  • They have difficulty showing their love, they are not romantic.

  • They often had a neglected or occupied childhood. They seek the spiritual and physical warmth that they could not find in childhood in spouses who are constantly changing.


  • Childhood lived in a loveless and insecure environment,

  • mental disorders,

  • organic brain diseases,

  • genetic factors,

  • Kleine-Levin syndrome,

  • Endocrine gland irregularities etc.

In addition to these reasons; years of age in men, mental disorders and depressions caused by hormonal imbalances, psychotic conditions where impulse control is lost such as schizophrenia, mania, borderline personality disorders, drugs and drugs such as amphetamine or cocaine, especially frontal lobe damage after head trauma, temporal lobe epilepsy, genital eczema, etc. . In some cases, hypersexuality behaviors can be observed. This type of behavior is not considered satyriasis.

Incidence Frequency

It is stated that in our country, it is seen in at least three out of every hundred male patients who apply to a physician. It is usually seen in the 25-50 age group.


First of all, it is necessary to create a balanced mood in these people. Treatment with certain drugs and then sexual therapy are required to relieve addiction. The recommended duration of treatment is a minimum of 6 months.

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