Male Nose Aesthetics

Men’s rhinoplasty is different from women’s because the anatomical angles that provide a natural nose appearance in men are also different from women’s. A 10-15% feminine nose is acceptable and looks beautiful, but more than that can lead to a man’s feminine appearance. In men, it is important that the tip of the nose is not too upturned and that the ridge of the nose is not curved inward. Since men are exposed to more trauma (sports, fights, etc.), fractures in the nasal bones and cartilages are more common and these fractures can be opened to the right or left while healing, and in this case, it can cause breathing difficulties. For a functional and beautiful-looking nose, it is necessary to solve these breathing problems simultaneously. With the tomography taken before the operation and the examination, the problems of breathing are evaluated and interventions are made for the problems. Nose aesthetic surgery is not a painful operation, there is not much bruising, you are discharged the next day after staying in the hospital for 1 night.

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