Male Face Aesthetics

Face lift procedures are performed less frequently in men than in women. The main reason for this is that the aging process is more easily tolerated by men. However, in some skins, the aging process may be more pronounced, and in this case, some surgical or non-surgical recovery procedures may be required. After the operation performed with general anesthesia, you stay in the hospital for 1 night and are discharged in the morning after the drains are removed. Jaw Tip Aesthetics Intervention on the chin tip can significantly improve the profile view. If the chin is smaller than it should be and if there is excess fat in the neck, the chin can be buried further. In this case, we perform a little liposuction on the neck (food) and remove the excess fat and make the chin more prominent. If it is more, ready-made implants come to our rescue. Eyelid Aesthetics Our eyelids and their surroundings are usually the earliest places on our face where signs of aging are seen. There is excess skin in the upper eyelids, as the drooping increases, a feeling of heaviness occurs in the eyelids, and it can cause headaches when trying to raise the eyebrow without realizing it. Your eyes start to look smaller than they are. Upper eyelid surgery is an operation that takes 45 minutes with sedation and you are discharged 2 hours after the operation. The most common complaint in the lower eyelids is bagging. With the loosening of the very thin membrane in front of the fat pads that allow our eyes to move freely, these fats herniate forward and make bags. Patients apply with the complaint of looking older and tired than they are. Patients with laxity and herniation in the lower eyelid are usually accompanied by drooping of the upper eyelid, and the lower and upper eyelids are usually operated together. Ear Aesthetics Prominent ears are a little more troublesome for men, while girls can somehow provide some camouflage with their hair, unfortunately men do not have such a chance. But let’s not forget that each ear should be slightly open and the ears should be visible from the front, we operate when it is above certain anatomical angles and ratios. Up to the age of 6, 80-90% of the development of our ear is completed, so after the age of 6, prominent ear surgery can be performed at any age. The operation, which can be performed with sedation or general anesthesia, takes about 2 hours.

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