Male Breast Growth (Gynecomastia)

The male breast is actually composed of breast and adipose tissue, just like in women. However, due to the fact that the hormones secreted in men are different from those in women, breast tissue does not develop and a normal-looking male breast is formed. However, in some cases, female type breast enlargement can be seen in men. This is what we call “gynecomastia”.

In fact, during puberty, many men’s breasts enlarge more than normal due to hormonal changes and take on a gynecomastic appearance. However, approximately 90% of them shrink spontaneously and reach their normal size after the age of 20-22.

gynaekomastie Gynecomastia is often idiopathic. So there is no known underlying cause. However, it can sometimes occur due to liver diseases, testicular tumors, the use of various drugs and muscle-building hormones, and obesity.

The complaint of the patients to apply to the doctor is purely discomfort from the image. The only realistic treatment for this disease, which causes the same psychological discomfort in men from all sociocultural levels, is surgery.

There are two surgical options, one of which is “liposuction” and the other is the open surgical technique. Which technique will give good results in which patient depends entirely on the content of the breast structure and the experience of the plastic surgeon. Gynecomastia can be divided into three according to the type of tissue it contains: glandular (breast tissue predominant), lipomatous (adipose tissue predominant) and mixed type (breast and adipose tissue mixed). Liposuction provides adequate treatment in lipomatous type and some mixed type gynecomastia. Skin sagging after “liposuction” is also very rare, especially in young patients. However, open surgical technique should be applied in glandular type and large sized gynecomastia. Because the breast tissue is too hard to be broken down and absorbed by liposuction. However, if the breast size is large, the hollowed-out skin after liposuction may sag and cause unwanted images. In the open technique, excess tissue is removed by entering through the incision made in the lower half of the circle where the nipple and skin meet. After this surgery, the patient does not leave any obvious scars.

The patient can return to work 2-3 days after the operation. He should use a corset that will put pressure on his chest for 6 weeks.

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