Male Breast Aesthetics

There is breast tissue in men as well as in women, but it is much less in volume. A breast appearance is formed with the adipose tissue surrounding this breast tissue. Breast tissue can grow in men due to hormonal or nutritional reasons and very rarely with some diseases. A certain amount of breast tissue growth during adolescence is considered normal due to hormonal changes, but if it becomes permanent after puberty, it can be uncomfortable for men. I have had many male patients who did not go to the sea-pool for years due to this ailment, who were uncomfortable while getting dressed and undressed in the changing rooms, and whose social life was adversely affected. Mild gynecomastia can be tolerated and is quite common, but if gynecomastia has begun to negatively affect and restrict the person’s social life, surgery is necessary. We men are generally not very resistant to pain, as the gynecomastia operation process is not very difficult for men, thank God. Operation: We generally use combined techniques in the treatment of male breast enlargement, the frequency of which has increased recently. In some cases, only liposuction or laser liposuction may be sufficient, but mostly it is necessary to make a half-moon incision on the lower part of the brown part of the breast and remove the breast tissue. The breast tissue is a rubbery and hard tissue, with liposuction, it either does not shrink at all, or it can soften and then harden again. For this reason, we perform liposuction at the beginning of the operation and remove the fat with thin cannulas, then we enter under the brown part and remove the breast tissue, so it is possible to obtain a very permanent result. You stay in the hospital for 1 night, in the morning your drains are removed, your corset is put on and you are discharged with your prescription. The corset is such that you can easily use it in your daily life, which is not obvious from the outside. It will be enough to wear your corset for about 1 month.

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