Make sure to give importance to the change in your nails!

Color changes, white or brown spots that occur from time to time on the nails can be a sign of important diseases such as skin cancer.

Nails are skin attachments that protect the fingertips from injury and make it easier to hold. In order to do all these work, nails take on a hard, horny state as they develop from the skin. This hard horny bastard “Nail Plate” is named. This plaque is translucent, partially allowing us to see the events underneath. The visible pink color belongs to the nail bed under the plaque.

A healthy nail; shiny, smooth surface, flexible and resistant to external factors. Various diseases in the body, physical factors, drugs and diseases that directly affect the nails cause disorders in the nails. These disorders in the nails both create aesthetic defects and impair the functions of the nails.

In this sense, Dermatologist Dr. Nihat Özkan gave important information.


Listing the changes in the nail, Dr. Nihat Özkan, there may be changes in the hands and nails that enter the soap with too much water. In zinc deficiency, nail fungus, eczema of psychological origin, which we call nervous eczema; For example, in thorns or psoriasis, stopic changes can occur in the nails. Apart from this, ingrown nails can also occur in changes or can be seen in traumatic situations. You eat grass, you hit a stone, changes may occur in the nails. Especially in cooks, they may have entanglement because they spend time in the kitchen, he explained.


Emphasizing the moles coming out from under the nails, Dr. Nihat Özkan said that these moles can lead to skin cancer. Ozkan, Malignant melanoma, moles coming out from under the nails or masses on the edge of the nail can cause cancer. Özkan also underlined that when these situations are encountered, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor.


Dr. Nihat Özkan, the whiteness of the nails is iron deficiency, Vitamin B12Zinc is sometimes also caused by a lack of folic acid, he said.

It is necessary to pay attention to hygiene, fungus formation is inevitable on nails that are not dried. In summer, sun cancer may occur in pigment changes due to sun rays, said Dr. Özkan touched upon the important points to be considered in nail care:

“You need to cut your nails straight, you need to pay attention to the hygiene rules. If there are changes, you need to apply to a dermatologist. A dermotoscopic analysis of the nail must be done. In short, you should definitely observe the changes in your nails and consult a dermatologist in case of changes. Apart from this, of course, you should pay attention to nail cleaning and hygiene. You have to give.”

Emphasizing that the treatment of nail fungus is long-term, Dr. Ozkan, some of our colleagues pull the nail. However, the disease does not improve with nail pulling, this should be known as well, he warned.

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