Maintain the upright form of the breasts

Breast sagging, which is caused by problems such as succumbing to gravity over time, excessive weight gain or post-pregnancy, is one of the main problems of women due to its unaesthetic appearance. With breast lift operations, all the problems you experience can be eliminated and if necessary, your breast can be reshaped, giving an aesthetic appearance.

If your breasts have lost their firmness or the angle of your nipples has changed, you can achieve satisfactory results with a breast lift operation. Breast lift operations provide solutions to two types of damaged breast structures. The first is ideal for weakened connective tissue that cannot hold the breasts in place. The second breast structure is the intervention to repair the structure caused by the sagging caused by the relaxation caused by pregnancy and weight loss. In order to eliminate sagging, a number of processes are opened to give the breast a new form and volume. In this way, the excess skin is removed, the nipple and areola are moved to a younger form. In some cases, breast reduction is applied due to the new size of the breast.

Breast lift and silicones

Breast lift operations do not contribute to the increase of the tissue. That’s why many women want to know about silicone implant options in breast lift operations. The correct selection of implants plays an important role in replacing the tissue loss that occurs after breastfeeding or over time, and in order to protect breast sizes in the future.

If your breasts have succumbed to time or if you’re having problems with their post-pregnancy form, you’re in for a tough situation. By doing sports, you can rely on your muscles to a certain extent. Remember that you are not helpless in cases of deformity and sagging. Breast lift operations are an option that women frequently apply and are satisfied with the results.

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