magic touch of love

Love; Undoubtedly, it is one of the most basic needs that creates human beings and helps them to continue their existence. Although just feeling it is enough to understand how effective it is on human life, there is a lot of scientific research to prove it. Chief among these is the secretion of the hormone endorphin, which activates when we say we are in love and affects our whole body. The endorphin hormone is a common name given to a group of proteins in the brain that have pain relief as well as pleasant sensations. There is a lot of research being done that endorphins are related to the pleasure centers in the brain, and many of them confirm this. In addition, with the secretion of hormones called estrogen in women and testosterone in men, which give the physiological signals of an increase in our sexual desire, the sense of pleasure felt in the human body is an indicator of how important love and love have in our lives. For this reason, love and affection are always one of the most important physical needs of our body and the most precious emotion that gives us life energy.
In addition to the physiological effect of love, it also has a great psychological pain reliever, a magical effect that helps us experience indescribable emotions in which flowers bloom and butterflies fly. love Contrary to what is known, love is not only felt towards an individual of the opposite sex, but sometimes it expresses the feelings of a mother towards her child, and sometimes it can be for a team or a life purpose. That is, when we love our lover with great love, we may feel similar feelings towards our parents or our children. In the future, love can grow and develop within us unconditionally and without expectation, just as a mother feels for her child.
In addition to feeling love, making the other person feel it also gives great pleasure, and there are many ways to do this. A letter or a phone call that comes unexpectedly, a small gift, a carefully prepared dinner for you alone, or just a few nice sentences to express your love… Mail, which has become an outdated method in recent years, Sending a letter via mail can be impressive in terms of nostalgia, but also in terms of being more permanent and tangible than an e-mail or telephone message.
In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can sometimes neglect our loved ones, even though they are very important to us. Celebrated all over the world every year like February 14 Valentine’s Day, these and similar special days give us the chance to do something special for our loved ones. It is in our hands to take advantage of this opportunity and make our loved ones feel special. I wish you every day to be special and beautiful…
Serap Melek Sergeant KILIÇ
Family Therapist – Pedagogue

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