Macular Hole

What is a macular hole, in whom is it seen?

macula It is the name of the place in the center of the retina, which is the nerve layer of our eye, also called the yellow spot. We do most of our day-to-day tasks, such as driving, reading, recognizing faces, watching television, thanks to the detailed vision formed by the macula. When a hole develops in our macula our central view We become impaired and find it difficult to perform tasks that require detailed vision. The macular hole is usually over 50 years old It occurs as a result of the decomposition of the gel layer that occurs in people. As the gel layer of the eye separates from the macula, the remaining gel particles shrink and shrinkage in the macula can cause hole formation. eye traumaAfterwards, macular hole may develop in young people.

What are the symptoms in the macular hole?

Early stage in macular hole decreased central vision and skewed vision such complaints. As the disease progresses, vision decreases further and a dark spot appears in the middle of the visual center. Patients have difficulty reading, watching TV, and recognizing faces.

How is the diagnosis made in the macular hole?

After the routine eye examination, the pupils are dilated with drops and the back of the eye (macula) is examined with special lenses. If your doctor suspects a macular hole, optical coherence tomography (OCT-eye tomography) can do the inspection. With this examination, the size of the macular hole, its duration, the viability of the visual cells can be interpreted and an idea can be obtained about the recovery process after the treatment.

What happens if treatment is delayed or not treated in the macular hole?

In the macular hole, there is progressive and permanent damage to the visual cells at a slow rate. If the disease is treated early, very good vision levels can often be regained. In cases with late surgery, even if the hole is closed most of the time, the level of vision may remain low because the cells in the visual center are permanently damaged.

What is the treatment for macular hole?

Treatment method in macular hole vitrectomy is surgery. The hole closes in a short time in most cases, but vision increases over a longer period of time, over months. In this surgery, the eye gel is cleaned by entering the eye with very small surgical instruments. The eye cavity is filled with a special gas. After the operation, the patient stands facing the ground so that the gas covers the hole and the hole closes by itself. In this process, it is very important that the head is bent forward and that the gas covers the hole. After a few weeks, the gas will go away on its own.

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