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Evaluation of Lymph Nodes

First of all, I would like to point out that ultrasound (US) is an imaging method that can be repeated many times and is harmless to the patient and the environment.

In the evaluation of lymph nodes, especially if they are located in the neck, armpit or inguinal regions (US), it provides very important information. It is also possible to evaluate the lymph nodes in the abdomen (abdominal region) with US.

While evaluating the lymph nodes on ultrasound, we first look at the way of growth.

We can imagine lymph nodes as outposts of the body. It catches the microbes that enter the body, traps them and then destroys them 😊). This process will inevitably enlarge the size of the lymph nodes. The important thing is that these benign (reactive lymph node) lymph nodes can be distinguished by the radiologist. A very large lymph node does not indicate that it is malignant. The key here is the shape. In other words, when the ratio between the long axis and the short axis is 1 (round) lymph nodes are considered to be malignant. Although there are other formal changes that come into play here, the most important thing is to show how it is bled. Vessels enter each lymph node through a door we normally call the hilum. In malignant lymph nodes, the vessels enter the lymph node from other points (window, kitchen door😊) instead of the door. We show these vessels with the Doppler method. How many and varied cases the radiologist has seen before and how much time he or she can devote to the patient to perform the procedure affect the efficiency of the US.

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