Lymph Glands

When Are Lymph Nodes Dangerous?

Lymph nodes are organs that are common in our body and take part in our defense system. Usually sizes up to 1 cm are considered normal. However, this border is accepted as 1.5 cm in the neck and inguinal region and half a centimeter in the epitrochlear region.

Why Do Lymph Nodes Enlarge?

Lymph node enlargement can be a symptom of many different diseases such as infections, drug hypersensitivity, rheumatic diseases and cancers. The underlying cause may be a viral disease that does not require treatment, or a lymph cancer that will require chemotherapy treatment. Therefore, when lymph node enlargement is noticed, the underlying cause should be investigated.

How to Understand the Cause?

In order to investigate the cause of lymph nodes, an appropriate physical examination, laboratory tests, peripheral blood smear examination and imaging methods should be performed according to the patient’s age, disease history, medications, lymph node size, duration, location and accompanying symptoms.

When should a hematologist be consulted?

A hematologist opinion should be sought in very large enlargements that cannot be regressed with observation or antibiotic treatment lasting 2-3 weeks, or in lymph node enlargement in more than one region at the same time, if the lymph node enlargement is accompanied by complaints such as fever, weight loss, weakness, night sweats.

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