Low back pain (lumbago, lumbalgia)

Many people suffer from more or less back pain at some point in their life. And it’s just for the pain
We go to the doctor when the pain is unbearable. Most of the time we are ourselves by what we hear around us.
We try to treat these pains. However, with the help of today’s technology, some
Along with the techniques, even the advanced forms of lumbar and neck spine pain can be treated with simple methods.
can be treated.
Low back pain and herniated disc are very common health problems that affect the majority of the population.
In humans, the spine is the most load-bearing and movement system disorders are the most common.
area is the lumbar region. Our spine is placed on our spine while standing, sitting and sitting, except in the lying position.
The work we lean forward and deal with creates increasing pressure. This is the young spine structure
Although it is more resistant to pressure than people over 65 years old, it is more than the joint can handle.
Putting a large amount of weight on the joint can damage the joint and cause a herniated disc, regardless of the age of the person.
can make it inevitable. Severe injury to spinal joints and lumbar disc herniation
It is not necessary to remove it. Forceful positions that will create high pressure in the joint (bending,
such as standing up and squatting) or maintaining these positions for a long time creates these situations.
So, low back pain is an inevitable part of a period of human life.
What should come to mind when we say herniated disc?
This common discomfort absorbs the load on the spine between the two vertebrae in the lumbar region and
the structure, which is defined as the disc that provides its equal distribution, towards the spinal cord and/or nerve roots.
It is a painful condition that occurs as a result of displacement (herniation).
treatment methods are tried and these methods are determined according to the course and progression of the disease in the person.
What are the symptoms of lumbar hernia?
Low back pain, pain in the legs, numbness in the legs and feet, weakness, rarely burning
and pins and needles, inability to urinate, or incontinence. Urinary incontinence, especially with low back pain
It is a finding that needs attention when it is together. Different treatment options in lumbar hernia
available. Bed rest and the use of drug combinations come first in treatment.
Subsequently, treatment under the guidance of exercise programs and physical therapy according to the patient’s condition.
programs can be added. After these treatments, those with initial hernias and excessive
Patients with undeveloped hernias show great improvement and require further treatment.
won’t stay. These treatments must be tried before surgery. Of these treatments
point performed in the operating room in patients who do not find benefit or whose condition worsens
giving medicine to the diseased area detected in the lumbar MRI, called shot, with a needle (injection
applications) can be tried in sessions. In advanced cases, if surgery is inevitable
The microsurgery option under the microscope comes into play. Waist slippage beside herniated disc, waist
Fractures, on the other hand, may require more techniques to be applied. Which patient
It is determined by the patient’s films and the patient’s clinic that the treatment will be applied.

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