Love wants courage!

It takes courage because while loving and falling in love makes us experience positive emotions such as happiness, joy and joy, it brings with it another tangle of negative emotions such as anger, sadness and hurt. That’s why it’s not easy to fall in love and love.

We all love to fall in love and to love. However, we do not want the negative emotions that love and falling in love can bring. We are very hard. Along with these difficult feelings comes responsibility. The responsibility of love and love is not something that is instantaneous. When we say “I love you” or “I love you”, a contract is formed between our mouth and the other’s ear. In accordance with this contract, we take responsibility to protect our love, to work continuously to maintain our love, and to protect or improve our relationship. That’s why it’s not easy to love and fall in love.

People who do not want to take these difficult feelings and responsibility stay away from getting close. In a sense, to protect yourself. Because when we love or fall in love, we risk being rejected, disappointed, lost, abandoned, and unloved. When we can’t afford these, we stay away from love and love, or we can’t give ourselves to love and love. We always live little and always lack our love and our love or our loves…

Just like life, our emotional world also contains contradictions. Positive and negative emotions are on the same side, sometimes they can come to the fore. Isn’t it actually the existence of the opposite that makes the other appear?

The choice is ours, either we stay away from our fears and experience positive emotions too much, or we risk our fears and live our love and affection to the fullest. It all happens in a balance after all…

Wishing you a life in which you protect your love and affection, protect your positive and negative emotions and develop…

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